Memories Created by Personalities Who Joined Bear Grylls in his Wild Adventures

World Wildlife Day falling on the 3rd March is a momentous day dedicated to raising awareness on wildlife conservation. Appreciating our ecosystem, cherishing and admiring the varied species and the livelihood surrounding them would be a matter of immense happiness and gratitude. And who better to make us realize our duties to nature, and fall in love with the flora and fauna than Bear Grylls from the popular survival skills reality TV show. Taking us into many thrilling adventures, Grylls had invited many famous personalities in his show.

So, on the joyous occasion of World Wildlife Day 2021, we thought of honouring this day by revisiting the memories created by personalities along with the spirited, nature-lover Grylls.

Akshay Kumar: The ultimate ‘Khiladi’ of B-town appeared in the much-talked about show of Grylls and took the adventurous streak a notch higher showing off his fitness, agility andfearless persona. Khatron ke Khiladihost was sure a great addition to the illustrious list of personalities to grace the Man Vs Wild show.

Nick Jonas: Emerging as quite a tough survivor, the handsome singer-songwriter had raided the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the United States back in 2016. Despite his physical challenges, he braved the cold weather in this episode with Grylls.

Narendra Modi: Right from crossing the dangerous river, to discussing about sweet neem (curry leaves), to watching Grylls squeeze water out of elephant excreta, PM Modi entertained us all; emphasizing the beauty of nature in the show. Jim Corbett was their area of expedition in that episode.

Julia Roberts:The Pretty Woman star’s episode was shot in Kenya as a part of a campaign that was meant to deliver vaccines. Walking through tough terrains, canyons and rivers – both Grylls and Roberts gifted us a fun-filled episode.

Barack Obama: On Running Wild with Bear Gryll, the person to grace the show was none other than the former US President Barack Obama in 2015. In the episode, while the duo trekked through the Alaskan wilderness, Obama surprised viewers by going ahead and eating a salmon which was half-eaten by the animal bear.

Rajnikanth: The Thalaiva made his appearance in anInto the Wild with Bear Grylls episodeand took the host around exploring Bandipur Tiger Reserve in Karnataka.

Roger Federer:The popular tennis star’s episode was shot in Swiss Alps for aRunning Wild with Bear Grylls episode. Both of them travelled through icy waterfalls and fish eyeballs and made their way to the top of a mountain. We enjoyed the show as much as the spirited nature lovers loved filming it.

Courtney Cox: Feasting on maggots, testing their ability to adapt in extreme cold conditions, the Friends star, Monica, and Grylls mounted steep hills abounding the gorgeous landscape of Ireland.

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