New iMac M1 blows Intel iMacs out of the water – kinda

A new benchmark for the just-announced iMac featuring the Apple M1 chip has been found online in the GeekBench 5 database, and if it’s accurate, the new iMac greatly improves on the performance of its predecessor.

The benchmark results show both single-core and multi-core performance for the forthcoming All-In-One from the Cupertino tech goliath. Its single-core performance scores ranged between 1,707 and 1,736 on three different results that had been uploaded to the database on May 12. In multi-core performance, it scored between 7,429 and 7,471, with an average score of 1,724 in single-core and 7,453 in multi-core performance.

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Mexanews Team

Mexanews Team

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